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Lakeshore Road West Improvement Project - Update December 2017

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Following the Public Meeting held November 29 at Sir John Colborne Centre, Coronation Park Residents Association (CPRA) responded to the project proposal with comments.

We are in favour of improvements to Lakeshore Road for items such as storm sewers, however we are not in favour of a number of other issues such as the introduction of a roundabout at Third Line, the removal of some 250 trees along Lakeshore Road, the expropriation of land, etc.

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Lakeshore Road Improvement Project - Your Participation Is Important Public Meeting: Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 6 to 8 p.m. Sir John Colborne Recreation Centre for Seniors,1565 Old Lakeshore Road W
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The Town of Oakville has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for improvements to Lakeshore Road West from Mississaga Street in the west to Dorval Drive in the east. The purpose of this process is to assess the current and future traffic conditions along this roadway and identify opportunities to improve road user safety and promote active transportation, such as walking and cycling, to ensure a healthy and vibrant community.

A Public Meeting is being held to review the options being considered. We have many concerns, including those surrounding the proposed consideration of three roundabouts to be located at Third Line, East Street and Bronte Road. The high concentration of seniors, close proximity of the Seniors Recreation Centre, Seniors’ Residence, etc. to two of the roundabouts and the changes/relocations to pedestrian crossings are a few. We urge you to review the information contained in the stakeholder meeting report and make plans to attend the meeting.

The current schedule for the Class EA is:
Field studies, planned for spring and summer 2017
Public information sessions, planned for spring and fall 2017
Environmental study report submission, planned for 2018

Come out and learn more about the study and preliminary investigations that have taken place to date.

Infill Continues to Pressure Ward 2

As ongoing infill projects throughout the area continue to multiply, many are causing problems for neighbouring residents. Aside from the dust, noise and traffic, additional concerns often arise due to work hours and construction vehicles.

There is something you can do. The Town of Oakville has created a page within its web site specifically for those who are suffering the effects of neighbouring construction. Called
“My Neighbour’s Construction” the page lists information and links for several concerns often encountered during construction.

Remember, local by-laws are in place that prohibit work on Sundays, require parking permits for construction vehicles and more.

Check out the site and contact the appropriate department to request assistance from a by-law officer.
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New! Construction Information Online

The Town of Oakville has added a page to its website that helps residents identify construction sites within the neighbourhood and determine what kind of permit has been requested or issued. By clicking on a Map, you can select between Site Alteration Permits (things that normally happen prior to construction such as replacing fill, removing topsoil or altering the grade of property), Street Occupancy Permits (temporary permits to store or place any equipment such as disposal bins, landscaping stone, gravel, etc, on a municipal right of way), Road Excavation /Road Cut Permits ( required for the excavation of any town boulevard, ditch or sidewalk or replacing sewers and their connections to private property) and Building Permits ( required for new construction, additions or alterations to existing buildings, demolition). You can zoom the map in to your area in the community, click on the coloured dot and see the information listed.

Follow this Link to View the Maps or Go to, click on Business, go to Maps, select Active Business and Development Maps.


A case of mange among our coyote population is making coyotes more visible in some residential neighbourhoods as they seek food and warmth. Though there is a rise in awareness that coyotes are around, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding among residents about coyote behaviour and their role in our urban ecology. Coyotes help keep rodent populations in check. They usually steer clear of residential areas and humans, and prefer to make their homes in large parks and woodlands. However, they will occasionally seek food or shelter in residential neighbourhoods if the opportunity arises.

While seeing a coyote in Oakville is not necessarily cause for alarm, it can be concerning when coyotes come a bit too close for comfort. The town’s coyote hazing video explains what to do if you encounter a coyote on your property, and shows you how to haze or scare them away. If embraced by the entire community, repeated hazing ensures coyotes maintain their fear of humans and know our homes are off limits. (See the Video)

Through the coyote reporting system, the town is working with the Oakville Humane Society to assist them in locating and treating infected coyotes.

Coyotes are part of Oakville’s natural environment. To alleviate concerns and lesson human-wildlife conflicts the Town of Oakville has we prepared a Coyote Facts and Tips sheet. More information is available at

Important information on coyotes is available at the web site:

If you have questions, please contact ServiceOakville at or 905-845-6601.